About me

Hey I’m Denny. I work primarily in Javascript and React. I have a pretty strong interest in performance, module bundlers, and making tools for developers. I grew up in the frozen city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, and work abroad now.

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I kept the picture of a random book to seem more thoughtful.

I’ve been developing websites for roughly 15 years. I started hacking together small websites and blogger themes when I was a teenager. Some of my earliest memories in web development are building websites for me and my friends to use when we played online games together. Or when Blogger added custom CSS, that was pretty dope.

I’ve developed web apps ranging from typical lean startup prototypes made of toothpicks, to enterprise apps responsible for millions of dollars. The most important aspect of work to me is working with fun, diverse people, where we all feel we belong, and where we can learn and push each other.

Lots of solid tv refs don’t hurt either. Bonus points for smash bros.